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Audition Facts - Audition via Video - Yikes! Is it too late to audition?
Due to the closure of many schools and limited travel opportunities we are doing our auditions via video uploads.  This is not new for our team.  We have several members who have auditioned via video in the past.

Here are three steps for you to follow for your video upload

Step 1: Contact our coaches at and let them know that you are interested in attending Towson and being on our team.

Step 2: Create a video of you performing. This video does not have to be professional quality. You can use multiple videos if you have trouble creating one video

Try to include the following in your video:

A video of you performing a solo or with a group, trio, duo, etc.
This video can be of a competition or a rehearsal

A video of you performing technical skills (leaps, pirouettes, fouette turns, and jumps)
These skill can be performed in your home

Step 3: Post your video on and send a link to our coaches at
or you can email your videos to our coaches by using your standard email server or for larger files you can use

You are not penalized for posting a video.


Send an e-mail to if you have more questions

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