Video Submission

Step 1:
Submit a video of you performing a solo.  You can submit multiple videos to showcase different styles.  You can also submit a video of you performing in a duo, trio, or group dance, just indicate where you at the start of the dance

Step 2: Submit a video of you performing technical skills (leaps, pirouettes, fouetté turns, jumps, toe-touch, Calypso leap, etc.).  Do not worry about the style/technique.  We understand that ever studio/school has a different style/technique

Step 3: Post your video on YouTube and e-mail the link to our coach or e-mail
your video to our coach at

NOTE: Don't worry about the quality of your video.  These videos can be from a competition, a recital, a rehearsal, or a home performance

Video Audition

Email our coach a video of you performing a solo, group or trio/duo dance.

The dance can be any style and length.

Be sure to indicate where you are at the start of a group or solo/duo dance.

Email our coach your video via an email attachment or email our coach the YouTube link for your video.

Our coach will contact you regarding your video.

Email our coach for more information or questions -

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